About Us

Loya Bagri & Co. was established by Late Shri Vithaldasji Loya and Late Shri Gopal Dasji Bagri on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashmi on 6th October, 1954 with a purpose to provide professional services to business houses with utmost dedication and ensure high ethical standards. The firm is committed to provide timely and proficient financial advice in consonance to the Business needs.

Since last six decades our aim is to be an epitome to build a franchisee of professional excellence.

Loya Bagri & Co. is a synonym to Foresight and Vision, Logical Reasoning, Judicious Ability and Scientific and Systematic Approach.

CA Vithaldasji Harakchandji Loya
(1928 – 2011)
CA Gopaldasji Govinddasji Bagri
(1933 - 2017)
CA Gopal Das Bagri
(B. Com., F.C.A.)
CA Radhey Shyam Paliwal
(B.Com (Hons.), F.C.A.)
CA Rajesh Loya
(B.Com., F.C.A.)
CA Manoj Loya
(B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A)
CA Lalit Loya
(B.Com., F.C.A.)
CA Kavita Loya
(B.Com, F.C.A.)

Other Associates

  • 1. Shri. Manmohan Loya (B.Com., L.L.B.)
  • 2. Shri. Ajay Bagri (B.Com, L.L.B)
  • 3. CA Rekha Keoliya
  • 4. CA Parikshit Rajesh Loya
  • 5. CA Shikha P. Loya
  • 6. CA Avinash Bawane
  • 7. CA Sonali Kalantri
  • 8. CA Rohan Manoj Loya
  • 9. CA Heena Katiyare
  • 10. CA Shraddha Soni
  • 11. CA Pooja Sharma
  • 12. CA Vidhi Agrawal